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Elizabeth 1 & the Earl of Essex

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The Library Elizabeth I: the monarch behind the mask. This picture also marked the adult film debut of Nanette Fabares, who subsequently changed her name to Nanette Fabray. Queen Elizabeth, although in love with Essex, fears his thirst for power and so castigates him for the high cost of his empty victory.

Proud and headstrong, Essex retreats to his ancestral home at Wonstead and refuses to return to court. His friend, Francis Bacon, seeking to reconcile the battling lovers, suggests that Elizabeth appoint Essex Master of the Ordnance in order to quell the uprising in Ireland led by the Earl of Tyrone.

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

To serve his country, Essex returns to court where he falls victim to the intrigues of Raleigh and Cecil who conspire to drive a wedge between him and the queen by sending Essex to Ireland. Against Elizabeth's wishes, Essex leads the army to Ireland, where his pleas for help go unanswered and thus, facing suffering and death, he is forced to surrender to Tyrone. Unknown to either Essex or Elizabeth, Cecil, Raleigh and Penelope have been intercepting the lovers' letters, and so Essex returns to England, believing that he has been betrayed and abandoned by his queen.

Essex and his men take the palace by storm, and although the court conspiracy is finally brought to light, Essex still refuses to subordinate himself to Elizabeth's throne and, thirsting for power, demands that she share it with him. Elizabeth refuses and orders him arrested and executed. In one final meeting, both lovers refuse to relinquish their hold on the throne, and therefore bid In one final meeting, both lovers refuse to relinquish their hold on the throne, and therefore bid each other a final farewell as Essex goes to his death.

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About Elizabeth and Essex

Pictures, Inc. Bette Davis. Queen Elizabeth.

Errol Flynn. Earl of Essex.

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Olivia de Havilland. Lady Penelope Gray. Donald Crisp. The following year, he failed in an expedition to intercept the Spanish treasure fleet off the Azores. In , at his own request, Essex was appointed lord lieutenant of Ireland and sent to put down a rebellion by the earl of Tyrone. After an unsuccessful campaign Essex concluded an unauthorised truce with Tyrone and then returned to England to try and explain his conduct to the queen.

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex | George Eastman Museum

She deprived him of his offices and placed him under house arrest. Politically and financially ruined, Essex attempted to raise the people of London in revolt against the government. This ended in failure. Essex was tried and executed for treason on 25 February Search term:.