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Konstitutionalisierung im Völkerrecht

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Lived Religion - Conceptual, Empirical and Practical-Theological Approaches

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Otto About this Item: Schmidt , Dr. They chart the plane of sensations, speak the language of affects, charm the beholder with surfaces, and source their forms from the past. In short, they enter the same arena in which contemporary populists and contenders for royal power score their points as well; but unlike these, the artists mount a project of deconstruction.

Sticking to the world of appearances throughout, they lucidly demonstrate how much the political body is an aesthetic body, an ideal narrative fashioned out of ephemeral materials that draw their entire strength from suggestion and its sway over the imaginary. Das zumindest scheint die These von Moser und Schwinger zu sein.

Isa appears on the screen on the right, while Tom is on the left. They are trapped in loops, in their respective stories, which are set in the same barren mountain scenery, a place that might as well be on Mars. Isa keeps riding her moped into the wilderness to bury the money she has made. She is the kind of businesswoman who has everything under control but has lost confidence in her bank, so now she feeds her wealth to the earth. Always waiting for her by her stash is the silent eye of a camera connected to some unidentified technical device, its sole purpose apparently to observe her.

We see Isa through its digital eye, and a dialogue unfolds between her and its mute gaze, which concludes with its destruction. In the exchange, she negotiates her position in this absurd relationship between herself and something that is part of something else.

Who owns this gaze that keeps an eye on her secret money management? A corporation? A state? A deity? And how can she get off this hamster wheel that has her accumulating capital so she can accumulate yet more capital to bury? Im zweiten Kapitel der Ausstellung kehrt sich der Zeitpfeil um und wir blicken in die Zukunft. Auf dem rechten Screen sehen wir Isa, links Tom. Sie ist der Typ Businessfrau, die alles im Griff hat, aber ihrer Bank nicht mehr traut.

Einer Firma? Einem Staat? Einem Gott? And what is the connection between Isa and Tom, who is pursuing his own fate on the left screen, the rhythms of their stories coordinated? Tom has left his wife and is spending the night in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, far from his old life. So he delves into an imaginary colloquy with his lost companion and watches as his world unravels.

Beneath the starry sky, he begins to harbor doubts about the order of the universe. Tom is a conservative white macho family man from the s, yet suddenly it is no longer inconceivable to him that everything might be different: that time itself might end and with it, life and even the sky above him. As he envisions the civilization he has left behind relapsing into a medieval way of life and feudalism, he suddenly becomes the protagonist of a new future in which utopia and dystopia coincide.

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It is a world in which different trajectories of time, conflicting values and judgments, the real and the imaginary, intimacy and universality, power and impuissance, reason and randomness coexist. The subjects embroiled in the plots are their parallel manifestations. Jokes elicit no laughter, dialogue goes unanswered, the absurd passes for perfectly normal.

The artists lend a tangible and contemporary meaning to the concept of incommensurability.

Die Dialektik der historischen Aufklärung gegen die AfD

It is when the run of things is not constrained by a single logic, when places and subjects bear contrary identities, when rational discourses integrate the irrational, when the yearning for freedom can attach itself to very different objects, when things may happen that make no sense — and yet are true. The work casts all these into a narrative and aesthetic structure without resolving the tensions that weigh on thinking and action today.

When the aristocracy sought to wrest power from the Church, it invented a regime that allowed for the coexistence of mortality and immortality, the fiction of a symbolic dispensation that placed some in the advantageous position of uniting everyone and everything within themselves. The struggle against this historic presumption has flared up again and again ever since; each victory is followed by a setback, and the antagonists continually change disguises as their forms of power transform. And it uncovers how we ourselves have long lived in an order of double bodies that endows our subjectivity with a mortal and an immortal side — both parts of an imaginary that is the true scene of politics.

Und was hat Isa mit Tom zu tun, der auf dem linken Screen in abgestimmtem Rhythmus seinem eigenen Schicksal nachgeht? Die Trennung ist frisch und er verbringt seine Zeit mit Sprachnachrichten, die er seinem Smartphone diktiert, aber ohne Netz nicht verschicken kann. So vertieft er sich in den inneren Dialog mit einer verlorenen Partnerin und sieht die Welt aus den Angeln geraten. Unter dem Sternenzelt beginnt er, an der Ordnung des Universums zu zweifeln.

Kapital und Technik: Marx und Heidegger (Michael Eldred)

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